A Web Agency for Campsites

Campground Creative was a solution to the worst part of camping—trying to navigate old, unmaintained campsite website. As the subsidiary of a web agency specifically targeting campgrounds, this new brand needed an approachable look that felt fresh and friendly (without alienating its audience by being too modern).

Identity Ideation

Often, the beginning of a logo means sketching the same couple of concepts over and over in order to discover variations in perspective, expressions, and style.

There were three categories of logo exploration that were presented: (1) a type-focused wordmark, (2) a memorable mascot, and (3) a web-specific concept.

The Brand

The final identity consists of a happy desktop roasting a marshmallow, showcasing a harmony between nature and tech. I used a cozy color palette—reminiscent of earth tones and campfires—and a custom icon set to add some visual expansion.