A Food Hall for Every Craving

As an emerging food hall, 8th Street Eateries wanted to develop a diverse collection of branded menus to create a unique dining experience. By tailoring design elements, color palettes, and typography to suit the personality of each menu, we transformed them into authentic and compelling brands.


I explored a vast range of styles, expressions, and perspectives within the sketching phase in order to help the clients identify what directions they wanted to go in.

The Brand

The final identity consists of a happy desktop roasting a marshmallow, showcasing a harmony between nature and tech. I used a cozy color palette—reminiscent of earth tones and campfires—and a custom icon set to add some visual expansion.

Digital Expression

8th Street Eateries ran promotions on tabletop displays in their dining area with each ad tailored to the personality of the brand being advertised.

Additionally, we created an online awareness campaign, showcasing the different brands and menus under the 8SE umbrella.

Physical Expression

I developed a pattern to be utilized across print materials, food packaging, and even interior decorating. This helped tie the food logos into the food hall as one cohesive brand.